“Curating the University”: texto de Ana Cristina Cachola e Luísa Santos

Curating the University: Overlapping problems and solutions, assinado pelas investigadoras Ana Cristina Cachola e Luísa Santos, resulta da conferência apresentada no encontro The Museum Reader e pode agora ser lido na Wrong Wrong #9


Art and Knowledge, Art as Knowledge

Who was born first, the arts or the artist? According to the historical art narrative, the answer for this apparently tricky question is quite simple: art was born first. For centuries, there was no distinction between artistic creation and the work of artisans. In most cases, artistic production was the result of collective work and the idea of a single creator, while existing, was totally obliterated. The dependence of artists (or artisans for that matter) on clerical power largely explains why artists were not recognized until the Renaissance, a period in which artists and thinkers allowed themselves to compete with God in the creative realm. Prior to this period, the capacity to create had been an exclusively divine attribute.

Ana Cristina Cachola and Luísa Santos, Curating the University


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