Edição coordenada por Nelson Ribeiro tem recensão em revista internacional

Nelson Ribeiro, investigador e director da Faculdade de Ciências Humanas,  editou, em co-autoria com Stephanie Seul, um número especial da revista Media History sobre a BBC na II Guerra Mundial publicado no final de 2015, que foi recentemente objecto de uma recensão, publicada no European Journal of Communication, June 2016; 31 (3)

Nelson Ribeiro and Stephanie Seul (eds) (2015) Revisiting transnational broadcasting: The BBC’s foreign-language services during the Second World War. Media History
21(4): 365–377.
This special issue of Media History focuses on a key dimension of British international
relations: broadcasting across national borders to foreign publics. The advent of radio fostered and facilitated this ‘new diplomacy’ because of its unimpeded reach across those
borders. Alongside military capacity and economic influence, the use of information and
value dissemination to help shape non-domestic public opinion became crucial, particularly during as well as following the Second World War. The BBC was the main instrument in wielding this ‘soft power’, to use Joseph Nye’s celebrated phrase. Its foreign-language services were a novel diplomatic strategy in the 1930s and 1940s, yet their importance has been to a great extent neglected, with few studies of individual BBC foreign-language services. Nelson Ribeiro and Stephanie Seul have put this special issue together partly to make good this neglect and partly to stimulate further research. Contributions cover the early years of the BBC’s Portuguese and Spanish transmissions throughout the Second World War, the British broadcasting strategy towards the French audience under German occupation and the transfer of public service broadcasting to the newly established broadcasting system in Northern Germany in the immediate post-war period. Two extra pieces report on research projects into the BBC’s wartime role in broadcasting to Poland and Czechoslovakia. The articles in this collection are ably written and are based on original archival research. They represent a significant addition to our historical knowledge of transnational broadcasting during a pivotal time in the 20th century.
Pode consultar o artigo que introduz o número especial dedicado aos serviços em língua estrangeira da rádio BBC durante a II Guerra Mundial aqui.



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