Nelson Ribeiro sobre propaganda e objectividade no jornalismo radiofónico na II Guerra Mundial

II Guerra bbc

Na actual era, dita da sociedade de informação, importa reflectir sobre a evolução dos conceitos de propaganda e objectividade, centrais na História do Jornalismo. É este o tema da reflexão sobre o papel da propaganda radiofónica alemã e da programaçao da BBC nas ondas da rádio que chegavam a Portugal nos anos da II Guerra Mundial: o artigo, assinado pelo investigador Nelson Ribeiro, é de 2012 e foi publicado na Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture.

This article describes the role of foreign radio propaganda in Portugal in the years that preceded and the years during World War II. It demonstrates how the BBC became the most effective weapon to counterattack the German propaganda in the country and comments on the strategies used by the British in order to reach the Portuguese public. Among those strategies the most important was the promotion of the objectivity of the broadcasts from London, as opposed to the German transmissions that were known for airing mainly ‘toxic propaganda’. Evidence is also presented according to which news bulletins and talks broadcast by the BBC were perceived by the receivers as independent from political interference while the Axis transmissions were mostly considered as airing ‘toxic information’, demonstrating how during the war British white propaganda became
very effective in regards to its impact on the Portuguese public.
Artigo disponível no repositório do CECC

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